Estate Planning Lawyers—Books and Other Useful Resources for Them

No doubt, estate planning, wills and trust, and handling and managing their documents is not a simple task. Needless to say, such issues can be handled efficiently and effectively by a lawyer who regularly practices in the fields of wills, trusts, probate and estate planning. Only then he would be able to provide you with sound legal advice as you put your estate plan into place.

Moreover, lawyers are subject to regulation by state bar organizations, many of which have continuing education requirements and mandatory liability insurance in case the lawyer makes a mistake. Laws and regulations keep changing frequently, so lawyers have to keep themselves abreast of every new proceeding.

There are several resources available for estate planning lawyers that would offer them expert tips on estate planning, the recent laws and regulations associated to it and other methods to help the client with planning an estate effectively. Books are one of the most informative, interesting and oldest sources available for estate planning lawyers to enlighten themselves with the best estate planning tips and information.

They can find these books in their nearest book stores. There are several good and exciting options available online under the category of books for estate planning lawyers.

Here is a list of some of the famous books for estate planning lawyers that can be found online.

a)   Estate Planning for Dummies: This book offers the essential basics about estate planning. Most clients would like to be sure about the fact that no more of their property and money would be lost to the government once they have passed. The clients would also be eager to know that they would be leaving their heirs, their assets and not debts. This book offers an in-depth knowledge on basics related to estate planning. The book is reader-friendly, easy-to-use and an ultimate guide to prospective estate planning lawyers. b)   Estate Planning In A Nutshell For Married Couples: This book would be extremely beneficial for prospective estate planning lawyers. The book offers a step-by-step guide to estate planning for married couples. The information is divided in to seven informative steps including the following: a)   Locate and organize records. b)   Inventory insurance policy. c)   Inventory pension. d)   Inventory assets and debts. e)   Check beneficiary designations. f)   Retirement plans. The author of the book, Julie. A. Calligaro, has been working as an estate planning attorney with 22 years of experience. She has helped her clients avail peace of mind via getting their affairs in order. c)   Financial And Estate Planning Guide: The book is a premier guide book for professionals who are adept in structuring, administering and tailoring financial and estate plans. In simple words, the book would be able to elucidate all the significant concepts of estate planning and analyzes the most important techniques used to set and meet the financial goals of clients and their families. The book also makes you aware of the recent law changes such as the American Jobs Creation Act of 2004, the Working Families Tax Relief Act of 2004 and the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and consumer protection Act of 2005.

Last but not the least, these days the Internet has offered various possibilities to learn and practice. There are many online websites, libraries and journals that can be very useful for practicing lawyers across the globe.

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