Estate Planning Lawyer—What It Takes To Become A Perfect Planning Lawyer?

There is a great demand for estate planning lawyers these days. Every property owner wishes to hire one of the best lawyers when it comes to sale and purchase of their real estate. On the other hand, due to name, fame and money associated with this profession many people are looking forward to make their career in estate planning.

Apart from other general professions, nowadays most youngsters are adopting this lucrative profession. You would find many schools, institutions and colleges offering various courses for prospective estate planning lawyers. In case, you are looking forward to join the field of real estate as an estate planning lawyer, then you need to meet certain requirements.

First and foremost, you must be LLB or LL.M from a reputed college. You must also acquire an experience of over ten years at senior level in a real estate and construction company. You may also gain this experience from a reputed law firm. The basic requirement would be your capability to handle all legal matters associated to property transactions and drafting of legal document including sale and purchase agreements along with conveyance etc.

The professional experience, you need to acquire, in order to join a reputed firm as an estate planning lawyer includes the following:

•   Expertise and skill in network of real estate investors and real estate developers. •   Sound knowledge about the urban development and its importance. •   Proficiency and knowledge in real estate law and general contract practices. •   Sound experience in real estate planning and development projects.

The above-mentioned professional experience would be adequate to help you practice in large estate planning firms and other government organizations.

Usually, estate planners work in law firms of all sizes. They also work in the trust departments of financial institutions and in development offices of non-profit organizations and foundations. The estate planners require possessing good people skills. They must also enjoy attention to detail and possess a sophisticated knowledge about family dynamics and the way these dynamics affect legal outcomes.

Experience in contract negotiation, outsourcing, offering compliance advice and overseeing, compliance programs, provident fund, gratuity, state insurance, employment and intellectual property law compliance would be beneficial.

Here is a description of roles and responsibilities an estate planning lawyer needs to fulfill in a reputed firm:

•   Administration of the clients’ estate after his death. •   Construct a plan to minimize estate tax liability and avoid probate as far as possible. •   Developing a medical treatment plan, the client would receive, in case he meets an accident. •   Developing a plan on the person who would handle the client’s financial, personal, business and legal affairs.

An estate planning lawyer can easily look out for a lucrative job as per the experience he or she holds in this field. For more details, you should contact some professional organization, law firm or training institute where you could get all the desired information to get yourself equipped with complete knowledge and experience. Finally, remember “practice makes the man perfect.”

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