Estate Planning Lawyer—Training Programs and Courses for Them

Handling and managing trusts, wills and estates have become some of the rapidly growing areas of practice in the law around the world. Especially, the areas related to estate planning, managing estate during life and disposing of estate at the death of the owner through the use of trusts, wills and other planning documents have gathered much momentum these days.

As a result, estate planning lawyers are in great demand these days. Not just individuals but many reputed and large organizations require estate planning lawyers. In fact, mid-sized and small firm primarily look out for proficient estate planning lawyers for their undertaking different tax related tasks. This great demand for estate planning lawyers has created awareness among the youngsters in this field. Today, most people want to join this reputed and lucrative field of estate planning.

You can find many institutions and colleges, offering specialized courses for prospective estate planning lawyers. These institutions work towards offering valuable skills and knowledge to their students in order to help them join a reputed firm. Various courses are offered for estate planning lawyers, at colleges and institutions.

Here is a description of various courses offered in the institutions for prospective estate planning lawyers.

a)   Law 7510: This course emphasizes on the basic survey of the legal framework surrounding the transfer of property via intestate succession, wills and trusts. The course includes coverage of powers of appointment and an introductory overview of wealth transfer taxation. Try the power of internet to find colleges and institutions in your locality, as most of them have websites these days. b)   Fiduciary administration - Law 7511: This course includes the important issues associated with the transfer of property via wills and trusts. The coverage of fiduciary administration and the probate process related issues are also involved in this process. c)   Estate and Gift taxation – Law 7205: This course would let you know all about the survey of estate and gift taxation with primary focus on federal tax law in the field of estate planning. d)   Estate planning seminar – Law 7210: This course offers you in-depth knowledge about the coverage of selected topics related to the planning of estates.

Though there can be some other general issues but primarily these topics are included in the course: •   Planning of estates. •   Planning for intra-family transfers. •   Utilization marital deduction. •   Retirement plan benefits. •   Life insurance. •   Estate- freezing techniques. •   Postmortem planning. •   International estate planning.

If we see broadly then there are there types of course.

Introductory course: This course is useful for those students who want merely an introduction to the basic principles of law in the area of estate planning. The course includes a three-hour, one semester session, especially designed to cover the basic issues related to the estate planning law and overview of the basic tax aspects.

Intermediate level: This course in apt for students who want to pursue the knowledge about estate planning in more depth.

Advanced level: Students would benefit by this course as they tend to get in-depth knowledge on the intricacies of estate planning.

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